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Jenna Neece is an Oklahoma native. She was born in Perry, Oklahoma, did all of her K-12 experience in Morrison, and then moved on to earn her bachelor’s degree in English in May 2016 at OSU. During her Undergraduate years, Jenna worked at the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program, was an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Philosophy of Race, and began freelance writing/editing in her spare time. She also has a MFA in Poetry Writing from OSU. Jenna worked as a GTA for Oklahoma State University English Department where she taught freshman composition and creative writing. Jenna taught as an adjunct for OSU before moving on to pursue her writing career. Recently, Jenna’s poetry has been published in Rising Phoenix Review, Quail Bell Magazine, Eunoia Review, and from Collective Unrest. When Jenna isn’t working, reading, or writing, she loves spending time with her friends, family, and dachshund, Winston.

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Author of serial fiction, romantic fantasy, and romantic suspense books. Poet. Spice is life. Book reviewer. Entertainment critic. Life updater. Sassy lady. Sometimes blogger. Chronically ill and disabled. Proud dog mom and human auntie. She/her.